For low sperm count and azospermia (absence of sperm)


DescriptionFood and Drug Administration Registration FDB/HD. 09-2055

Theobroma cacao………….1.25mg
Zingiber officinalis………….0.5mg
Daucus carota……………..1.5mg
Juglans regia………………..1.5mg

If the pituitary gland is removed, spermatogenesis can still be initiated by follicle stimulating hormone and testosterone.
Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) stimulates both the production of androgen binding protein by Sertoli cells, and the formation of the blood-testis barrier. Androgen binding protein is essential to concentrating testosterone in levels high enough to initiate and maintain spermatogenesis, which can be 20–50 times higher than the concentration found in blood. Follicle stimulating hormone may initiate the sequestering of testosterone in the testes, but once developed only testosterone is required to maintain spermatogenesis. However, increasing the levels of follicle stimulating hormone will increase the production of spermatozoa by preventing the apoptosis of type A spermatogonia. The hormone inhibin acts to decrease the levels of follicle stimulating hormone. Studies from rodent models suggest that gonadotropin hormones (both LH and FSH) support the process of spermatogenesis by suppressing the proapoptotic signals and therefore promote spermatogenic cell survival.
The Sertoli cells themselves mediate parts of spermatogenesis through hormone production. They are capable of producing the hormones estradiol and inhibin. The Leydig cells are also capable of producing estradiol in addition to their main product testosterone. In effect, DAPROF SPERMAN increases both testosterone and gonadotropin hormones (LH and FSH) blood concentration to initiate spermatogenesis.


For low sperm count and azospermia (absence of sperm)

Dosage and administration
One teaspoonful (5mls) of A mix with half teaspoonful (2.5mls) of B into 300 to 500mls of coconut water once a day.

SPERMAN is contraindicated in patients with clinically significant hypersensitivity to any of the components contained in the formulation.

Adverse reactions
No adverse reactions noted seen its inception in 2002.

Use in pregnancy and lactation
No evidence of foetal mortality of Daprof Sperman in pregnant women. No research has been done to establish its excretion in breast milk.

When taking this medicine do not take hot pepper, alcohol and have sexual intercourse.
Not recommended for pregnant women, lactating women and children below 15years.

Treatment in overdose
No known antidote for overdose

Storage conditions
Keep out of reach of children. Keep in a cool dry place. Shake well before use