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Corporate Social Resposibility

We do seasonal and occasional free medical outrreach which includes free screening, free health talk, and free giving out of Daprof products. However, this is not limited to specific people but everyone and anyone who needs our help at any place our heart and our passion directs us to. We advocate for tree planting, fighting global warming and desertification. We believe that a clean and healthy environment make wealth.

For these reasons we partner with our sister company DAPROF EVERGREENLIFE in doing the above as well as similar NGO’s.

The pictures above show some events of our social responsibilities at various targeted communities.

Our social responsibility is not limited to free screening and free distribution of Daprof products; but also includes monetary donations, food items, books and many more.

Our prime target is to participate in providing hope to the hopeless and lead arms stretch to the needy communities. By this we are cordially inviting every thoughtful person, philanthropist, NGO, humanitarian organisations, families and foundations to join us in the pursuit to provide hope for the hopeless.