We are DAPROF POWERTOUCH LTD, a herbal and neutraceutical manufacturing company based in Ghana. “DAPROF” represents our brand for series of herbal products, scientifically researched and developed by us, as potent herbal remedies, from naturally occurring herbs.

Vision statement:

To become a company well-known for producing effective products that attracts world-wide recognition.


Mission Statement:
Producing very friendly and effective herbal products that people will remember for its efficacy.

Our engine:

Our focus is on maximizing good returns on people‘s saving/shares. Our gaze is directed towards doctors, nurses and patients in getting them safe and reliable products which they cannot forget. We will create products which will give a true picture of what herbal medicine actually is, that is, very effective, less side effects and affordable.

We will inculcate our values –respect and recognition for communities and customer appreciations, into our employees. We will ask about people ‘s views on price, products, packaging and purpose for which they took the product. We will make “Ghana “ well-known when it comes to herbal medicine. We will make people realize that herbal medicines are indeed “friendly” like trees and a MUST GO FOR.


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