Taking Care of Your Liver

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Take good care of your liver by:

1. Avoiding high: Sugar products intake; Fatty foods intake; Processed drinks intake eg soft drinks; Alcoholic beverages intake; and Painkillers intake eg Acetaminophen (known as paracetamol), diclofenac, etc;

2.Avoiding excessive meat intake;

3.Stop drinking of unclean water especially from galamsey mining area.

4.Poly-pharmacy ie taking of more than four prescription chemical drugs from your doctor without review of drugs. 5.Avoid voracious eating of flour products, eg bread, boflot, cake, just to mention but a few.


Things safe for the liver include:

1.Dandelion and Bitter leaf.

2.Frequent drinking of clean water.

3.Regular medical check-up to reverse any damage quickly.

4.Report any adverse drug effects to your practicing doctor.

5.In case of any sign of yellowish eyes and urine colouration you must be drinking water excessively and report to your doctor or the nearest hospital for immediate medical attention.



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