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Nii Adotey
“I had this typhoid fever for 12yrs and had grown lean, weak and pale. I had visited all hospitals and herbal clinics you can ever think of in Ghana.

My brother who is a lab technician spoke to me about DAPROF and I saw him and told him about my sickness. He gave me DAPROF MALAPHOID 10 BOTTLES and I saw that just after 2 bottles I became fine but continued till all finished.

My brother took my blood samples for checking and said that the salmonella bacteria were no more in the blood. I came to show the result and all the hospitals I attended to DAPROF because he taught I was exaggerating.

Since that time DAPROF has become our family doctor and my godfather”.

Name: Nii Adotey
Profession: Businessman


“If you don’t know about DAPROF MALAPHOID for malaria and Typhoid fever then you are suffering.

I had this Typhoid fever that give a severe headache all the time . Every time I had to take this painkiller and I always had paracetamol in my bag.

But since I was introduced to DAPROF MALAPHOID I forgot the last time I used painkiller. The wonderful thing about the DAPROF MALAPHOID is that it is not bitter, just clear like water”.