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Stomach Ulcer Treatment and Records


“I am a 54yrs old woman who had been diagnosed of stomach ulcer for 10yrs and had visited all the major hospitals for treatment but frankly I had not received any solutions.

I had severe abdominal pains which was worse after eating and even when I am walking. A witness sister from another assembly or congregation told me about DAPROF and I visited his place. The day I went there the pain was so severe that I could not talk it was my husband who gave my history to the doctor.

Dr. DAPROF gave me DAPROF ULCER-PLEX POWDER and MIXTURE which I took seriously and he categorically told me that after three days the pains will reduce which really reduced drastically after the 3 days. DAPROF also told my husband that after 1week my husband can hit my stomach and there will be no pains.

One thing I loved about Dr. DAPROF was that he called me after 3 days to check if the abdominal pains had reduced”.


Name: Mary
Age: 57yrs
Profession: Bread Baker