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Low Sperm Count Treatment results for a client

Result before treatment
2 months on treatment
semen analysis after treatment

Low Sperm Count Treatment results for a client

Before treatment
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Sperm Count Testimony

I had been diagnosed of low sperm count and have tried many remedies from the hospitals back in UK and in my village, Upper West region. One day my law student mate who is a medical doctor introduced me to Prof of Daprof herbal care. He took me to the doctor at the Daprof herbal clinic. He saw my lab result and gave me the medicine to go and take for one month and repeat the and come back. One month after repeating the lab there was a difference in the lab result. Since then i have been taking the medicine for 5 years and surprisingly there was no side effect while on it for these many years. I have 2 children now. Prof God speed.

Lawyer A.Z. 55yrs

I gave on life and was about to hang myself when my wife came in. I had to quickly hide the rope under the bed but she saw it and cried. I also cried with her and she asked why do I want to kill myself? In fact, i see life as been meaningless without a child after seeing several doctors at major hospitals with no solutions. The shame and the embarrassment was highly unbearable for me. My wife colleague at work told the husband who is a colleague to the doctor at Daprof herbal clinic. According to my wife, her friend’s husband and Daprof were colleague at the 37 Military hospital. We saw the doctor at Daprof clinic and he gave us medicine after requesting semen analysis and some other test for me. Honestly, the result from Daprof hospital showed that i have no sperm at all. Daprof actually assured me and showed me someone’s result which was also zero or nil like mine but he became ok after sometimes on the treatment. In fact, seeing that gave me soo much confidence in the Daprof herbal clinic. I also took the medicine religiously for 9 months and here I am now with solutions. As I am speak my wife have three boys. Prof you are God send.

Teacher D.C. 35yrs.

I had low sperm count and weak errection and have been married for 10yrs without issue in my second marriage. I lost my first marriage of 10 yrs to yound guy who my wife have been seeing secretly while i travelled out of the country. As if it was a curse for me to lose my marriage every 10 yrs. I was about to lose the second marriage again when I was introduced to Daprof herbal clinic. He run tests for me and put me on his medicine called Daprof SPERMAN. In fact, the medicine did not only boost my sperm i was sexual active having good errections. My wife was so happy and gave me so much respect like before. Now as I am writing I have 2 children – boy and girl.

Businessman A.J. 60yrs

I have lost two marriages to childlessness and dont want to come for family meetings back in Ghana anymore because I saw no reason why i should return to Ghana from the USA. I have remained in USA for 30yrs. Mistakely I came to Ghana one day, my cousin who was a soldier at the 37 military hospital said I should go and see one Prof who was his senior colleague. I didn’t want to go but my wife  encouraged me and went with me. The doctor saw us both and put us on treatment. After 3 months  of running test on treatment I saw that there was an improvement. My wife now have 2 children – one boy one girl. I want to recommend Daprof herbal care to everyone.

Retired attorney   S.A. 68yrs