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Kidney Stones Treatment and Records

“I am 68 years old man who was diagnosed of kidney stones for 12years and has been in severe pain with swollen legs. I visited all the major hospitals you can mention as well as the herbal clinics I know but no improvement.
One day I collapsed and woke up and saw myself in Korle Bu teaching hospital where I was told to prepare myself financially for kidney surgery. In fact, I was not happy because the money mentioned I couldn’t afford. So the doctor told me that if I can’t afford the operation is better I go home.
Fortunately, one of the specialists called my relative and whispered to him to try an alternative medicine at Trade Fair since I can’t afford the surgery. I went and see the doctor and he put me on medication and told me to observe the urine and that one day the stones will come out.
Frankly speaking, my legs were swollen before I started the treatment but I realized that after two weeks on the medication the swelling reduced drastically. This made me to believe the doctor and I began to follow his instructions and paid strict attention to my urine if I will see the kidney stones.
On one afternoon after 10 weeks on treatment the kidney stones came out and I brought it to him. My pastor didn’t believe it and he said I should bring some for him to see”.

Name: Odonkor
Age: 65 yrs
Profession: Seaman

Kidney Stones Removed from Odonkor



“My 72 years old mother was diagnosed of kidney stones for 10years and has been on medication for 8years at several hospitals with different specialists without improvement.

She is always complaining of pain at her lower back which she always describe as “gnawing” and can’t sleep at night and in tears. A colleague soldier told me to go and see Prof and we went to see him at his clinic.

He requested for CT scan of abdomen and he put my mother on treatment for 6months and told us specifically that the kidney stones will come out after 2 months and we should bring the stones when it comes out. But we didn’t believe it until one morning when my mom was going to urinate; she saw all the stones came out.

Unfortunately, we didn’t fetch the stones as he told us. We told the doctor who and he requested for abdominal ultrasound which shows that all the stones were not there again. I bet you this doctor is great”.