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Kidney Failure Treatment and Records



“I was diagnosed of kidney failure from an herbal clinic and was advised to go to Korle-Bu for dialysis. In fact, my legs and face were swollen and was very weak and pale. I saw a man who recommended DR. DAPROF to me which I went.

DAPROF did test to confirm the kidney failure and he put me on treatment for 6 months and just after 1 week the facial puffiness and legs swelling were no more.

I gained confidence and took the medicine seriously. After 2 months he checked and found that my kidney had been restored fully”.

Name: Stella
Age: 55yrs
Profession: Nurse (USA)

“I was diagnosed of kidney failure 3yrs ago and had been on kidney dialysis for 2yrs and was advised to take only 750mls of water a day at Tema General hospital.

A friend recommended daprof clinic to me and I went. I started treatment and I realized that I started urinating gradually which at first was not happening till I became strong.

I stopped the dialysis and realized that I am still strong. Thank you Prof”. Daniel 54yrs Civil servant..


Name: Daniel
Age: 54yrs
Profession: Civil Servant

Victor (Rev)
“ I was diagnosed of kidney failure and prostate enlargement with catheter just removed from my penis from Korle-Bu teaching hospital and was arranged to start dialysis.I was very weak and pale with both legs swollen and facial puffiness.  My son took me to Dr. Daprof and I started treatment and realized that after 1week the swelling came down and in 2 months time I fully regained my strength.I could walk, run and do everything by myself without support. To God be the glory”.

Name: Victor
Age: 68yrs
Profession: Lecturer / Reverend Minister