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Hepatitis Treatment 

Hepatitis B Profile result before treatment

Hepatitis B virus result before taking DAPROF LIVERONE in 2019

Hepatitis B viral load 5 months after treatment on DAPROF LIVER-ONE

HEPATITIS B VIRUS testing NEGATIVE after taking 100 bottles of DAPROF LIVERONE since 2019.Medical science says HEPATITIS B VIRUS cannot be cured because it is VIRAL but at DAPROF HERBAL CARE we are changing the narrative on monthly basis.

Hepatitis B Treatment and Records

“I am a young sports guy of age 25yrs who was diagnosed of hepatitis B virus with yellowish eyes and urine and has abdominal pain.

I was referred by the medical doctor to DAPROF medical centre. Dr. DAPROF saw me and requested for further laboratory tests but I don’t have enough money so I pleaded to start the treatment since I was very weak and in pains. I took the medicine seriously and after one month my eyes cleared and I regained my strength and continued the medicine.

Surprisingly, after just 5months on DAPROF LIVERONE I became negative, yes negative. DAPROF told me to show the result to the medical doctor who referred me to DAPROF clinic”.

Name: Elisha
Age: 25yrs
Profession: Footballer


“I was diagnosed of hepatitis B virus and was hospitalized for one week and discharged. I was not feeling well even though I was just coming from hospital. My eyes and urine were yellow, very weak in the body with abdominal swelling and pains.

I was referred by a doctor to DAPROF clinic. Dr. DAPROF requested for hepatitis B viral load before giving me treatment which I did. After taking medicine for 8months I did hepatitis B profile which shows that the virus is no more in the blood”.