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“I was diagnosed with fatty liver and failure and was planning to fly to India for liver transplant. I saw a friend who also had the same problem and he told me he was at DAPROF clinic.

So I cancelled the flight considering the benefits and saw Dr. DAPROF who put me on DAPROF HYPERTONE and DAPROF HEPAONE for 3months after discussing it with my personal physician.

After 2months I realized that my stomach and my weight have reduced giving me confidence. After checking the liver with Dr. DAPROF he said I am Ok meaning the fatty liver is no more. I told my physician who also checked again and confirmed it”.

Name: Alex
Age: 55yrs
Profession: Polititian

Mr. Kotey

“Honestly, I am a heavy smoker and a drunkard. I developed fatty liver as a result of my lifestyle thinking nobody can cure it because the hospitals couldn’t treat it for after attending several hospitals.

I was just checking the internet for fatty liver solutions then I came across daprof hepaone and daprof hypertone. At first I ignored it then something within me say check it.

I realized that they a literature about them which encouraged me to read it. After reading I called the number provided and I went to see them. The rest is good news.

Although I am trying to stop drinking alcohol I have not completely stopped I am still taking the medicine after I recovered. My personal advice is that try this DAPROF HEPAONE AND DAPROF HYPERTONE even if you are still drinking alcohol to save your liver as I always do”.

Name: Mr. Kotey
Age: 65yrs
Profession: Marine Engineer