Keeping Kidney from Failing

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What to avoid to keep kidney safe from failing:

1. Avoiding high blood pressure above 140/90mmHg by taking your antihypertensive drugs regularly and or changing your doctor if he or she couldn’t bring the blood pressure to normal. It is your Right! NB. High blood pressure is the main cause of irreversible kidney failure (because it is intrinsic and occurs over long duration and compromise of kidney.

2. Avoiding high: Refined sugar products and polished rice intake; Fatty foods intake; Soft and alcoholic drinks intake; and Painkillers intake eg paracetamol, diclofenac, naklofen etc;

3.Avoiding excessive meat intake;

4.Stop drinking of unclean water especially from galamsey mining area.

5.Poly-pharmacy ie taking of more than two prescription chemical drugs from your doctor without review of drugs.

6.Avoid voracious eating of flour products, egj bread, boflot, cake, just to mention but a few.

NB: The above are extrinsic factors which can be corrected when detected and avoided.

What I must do to maintain safe kidney:

1. Frequent drinking of clean water to avoid dehydration and urinating well as you drink water. Never hold urine for long.

2.Regular medical check-up to reverse any damage quickly.

3.Report any adverse drug effects to your practicing doctor.

4. Urinary tract and kidney infections must be reported to hospitals for urine culture and sensitivity in order to get proper    treatment. They should never be sent to drug stores/pharmacy shops. Herbal medicine can also give kidney failure, but if it  does it is reversible when detected and stopped.

5. Always buy herbs/herbal medicine from people you can trace back or report to in case of any reactions.

6. Always buy herbal medicine/herbs when the ingredients are known especially by the indigenous people or you.Finally, every hospital/herbal clinic/shop must have post-market surveillance and safety monitoring unit forh pharmaco-vigilance.

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