Keeping Kidney safe from Failing

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How to take good care of your kidney:
1. Reducing high consumption of the following:
I Sugar and sweet foods;
II. Salt and salty foods;
III. Processed drinks eg soft drinks;
IV. Flour products, eg bread, boflot, noodles, etc.
V. Alcoholic beverages;
VI. Painkillers eg. Acetaminophen (known as paracetamol), diclofenac, etc; and
VII. Meat especially red meat
2. Stop drinking of unclean water especially from ‘galamsey’ mining area.
3. Stop putting naphthalene ball or camphor into drinking water.
4. Some antihypertensive drugs that can precipitate kidney failure are loop thiazides eg bendroflumethiazides. They cause high uric acid build up in the blood leading to kidney stones or failure.
5. Poly-pharmacy ie taking of more than two prescription chemical drugs from your doctor without review of drugs.
6. Unapproved and non-evidence based herbal concoctions from unconfirmed sources must be avoided.
Causes of acute kidney failure which is reversible:
I. Severe bleeding leading to hypovolemic shock
II. Severe diarrhea leading to dehydration and electrolyte imbalance
III. Prostate enlargement causing urine retention and recurrent kidney infection
Causes of chronic kidney failure difficult to reverse:
I. Persistent high blood pressure
II. Diabetes,
III. Genetic/hereditary
Measures that promote safe kidney include:
1. Bitter leaf, fruits, vegetables and drinking of clean water.
2. Regular medical check-up depending on your medical history to reverse any damage quickly.
3.Report any adverse drug effects to your practicing doctor.
4. Those with family history of kidney problems must take antihypertensive therapies (drugs/natural remedies) seriously.
5. DAPROF HEPAONE and DAPROF HYPERTONE have shown with evidence to reverse some ESRD (end stage kidney failure) therefore daily dose can help cleanse liver and kidneys
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