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Benefits of sex

Marriage lesson 1: SEX: Marriage is just like planting a nice flowers, water and fertilizer makes it grow to produce fruits. Sex and communication are the water and fertilizer that nurture it. Marriage without sex is like a flower without water. More women are able to stay in such marriages than men. But when it is not producing fruit or child more men are able to stay than women. Sex should not be taken for granted in marriage since it not only keep a happy marriage but it is exercise and medicinal. DAPROF SPERMAN will help the man with LOW or NO SPERMS have GOOD and QUALITY sperm to produce a child while DAPROF WOMAN FORMULA help the woman also to become PREGNANT. DAPROF MP(A), MP(B) & MP(C) help not only make a strong man in bed but help the man meet the long orgasmic phase of women. (Your name will be mentioned in bed).

Marriage lesson2: If you don’t understand someone you will definitely quarrel with him or her. So is relationship not knowing your partner’s ability and weakness; likes and dislikes will always bring disbelief and unfaithfulness. To understand your neighbor or friend or spouse is like magnetic wave you will be drawn closer to each other. Understand your friend before you follow him or her. Following someone who does not know and understand you is like forcing a lion to start eating grass. He or she will eat you up because you are forcing the lion in or her to eat grass.

Marriage lesson3:
Sex as a passive exercise is good to promote cardiac activity and output. Because of the release of endorphins it helps you either sleep well and or think through difficult and hard times. After sex there is the release of oxytocin (love hormone) which bring deepening of love bonds. When this hormone is released by the two parties involved in the act they have strong affinity and memories for each other and the vice versa. In men it helps to reduce prostate cancer by 30%, in women it reduces vaginal atrophy (shrinking) which induces pain and discomfort during urination in some menopausal women. Furthermore, in some women there is the release of oestrogen which make them look more fresh, succulent and tender. On the contrary, when none of these hormones are released after sex then these benefits are not seen or not therapeutic.
How do you help the release of these hormones to make sex therapeutic?

Marriage lesson 4:
How to help the release of endorphins during sex which can bring healing and love in a relationship?

  1. Focus on the sexual partner
    2. Encourage Change of sex positions and flexibility during the act
    3. The man must have long orgasmic phase to be able to meet the long orgasmic phase of the woman but very few women have short phases
    4. It must be natural and hormone induced (seen in seminal fluid discharge for each other before the act).
    5. Vaginal gel can be used to psychologically stimulate the hormone production if semen and vagina mucus secretions failed.
    6. Use of natural sex enhancing formulae may not only promote erections and hard penis (which is good for most women) during sex but can also help in endorphins and oxytocin release for healing and love bond formation.
    7. Communication is still an essential tool here in measuring your performance during the act.
    8. Finding out if it is painful in order to adjust and response of moaning must be observed or monitored.
    9. These things are underestimated but they help you arrive at the peak/climax in order to get the healing and love bond. Unfortunately, many people missed it and see it to be time and energy wasting especially women, because they never reach their long orgasm phase all their lifetime till death.
    You must reach for these because it gives life and motivation to climb mountains and take the world especially in men.
    NB: This is not advisable for patients with epilepsy, severe anaemia of HB <6g/dl, chronic asthma, penile cancer, leukaemia and sickle cell with severe anaemia, heart failure/CCF with heart rate of <40cpm, pulmonary embolism, and pulmonary hypertension.

Marriage lesson 5:
Having successful marriage is only a favor it has no formula this doesn’t make you a judge or a counsellor. Because a person you see as worse maybe another ones favorite. But there is a characteristic that can keep two unmatched, weak and broken people together that’s apology and forgiveness.
Forgiveness is a medicine not only does it save our soul, it promotes healing and recovering in stomach ulcer, heart attack and high blood pressure.
Mostly it builds immune system and give long life!
💪🏾 strive to have it

Water therapy

Drinking warm water frequently about 10satchets (5litres) a day is very therapeutic for sickle cell and Ulcer patients as well as workaholics. In sickle cell water helps the lymph node in filtering of break down red cells (hemolysis) reducing pain and swelling of the joints which is commonly seen in these patients as well as clearing of retained bulirubin (the substance that makes the eye and urine yellowish). While in ulcer the water dilutes the excessive and very low ph gastric acid content which pierce the stomach walls reducing the gnawing pains experienced in the upper part of the stomach (epigastrium). In workaholics there is either mental or physical exhaustion which make use of high amount of energy (calories), electrolytes (Na,K) and water causing their urine to become yellow and very tired in body. Drinking water help reduce the tiredness and yellowish urine colouration. However, these may not be appropriate for patients with liver, kidney and heart failure with swollen legs and abdomen since more water intake will only retain in the legs and abdominal cavity causing more swelling and discomfort.

Deep breathing exercise therapy.

The art of introducing pure oxygen into the lungs through the nose and or mouth for energy. This is because when you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. The brain then sends this message to your body. Those things that happen when you are stressed, such as increased heart rate, fast breathing, and high blood pressure, all decrease as you breathe deeply to relax.

To start, put one hand on your belly and the other on your chest.
Take a deep, slow breath from your belly, and silently count to 4 as you breathe in.
Hold your breath, and silently count from 1 to 7.
Breathe out completely as you silently count from 1 to 8. Try to get all the air out of your lungs by the time you count to 8.
Repeat 3 to 7 times or until you feel calm.
Notice how you feel at the end of the exercise. This must be done under trees to be sure you are introducing pure oxygen into the lungs. This supply oxygen to the cells through the blood by so doing goes a long way to help reduce atelectasis (lung collapse), stroke, peripheral neuropathy (numbness), heart attacks, and some lung diseases. Inadequate supply of oxygen to most cells is the cause of cell degeneration and gradual cell death or infarct. Oxygen to the cells prevent oxidation which cause wear and tear of cells as well as removal of radical chemicals which introduce tiredness and exhaustion as symptoms. This must be done three times a day especially when you wake up from bed, during busy schedule and when coming to sleep.

Managing very high blood pressure before you see the doctor

Persistently High blood pressure of 200/150mmHg and above is the main cause of kidney failure, hemorrhagic (bleeding in the brain) stroke and heart failure. Please don’t take this for granted because many people are dying as a result of these. DAPROF understand these and make sure your blood pressure come to normal before we leave you. That’s why in world kidney day blood pressure is checked. Regular checking of blood pressure and taking of your antihypertensive drugs seriously can help. If your doctor couldn’t help change him before your SLEEPING PLACE CHANGE. Foods that can help prevent complications of hypertension and reduce high blood pressure are lemon because it contains both antioxidants and substance P which can help strengthen the walls of the artery against bursting (rupture) in case of persistent high blood pressure. You may drink lemon juice diluted in warm water in a proportion of 1 part of lemon juice to 3 parts of water. These may be done 3times a week since daily doing may gradually cause “cold-sensitive teeth”. Ulcer patients should not try these but rather should go for Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea). NB: Fatty liver and hyperkalaemic(high blood potassium) patients should not eat peanuts.

Advantages and disadvantages of fasting

Fasting as a spiritual exercise is very helpful for those with fatty liver, heart and kidney diseases, Cancers, and high blood cholesterol. But may not be good for those with severe stomach ulcer and diabetes. In diabetes fasting may lead to the breaking down of ketone bodies causing complication called DKA (Diabetic ketoacidosis) and hypoglycemia – low blood sugar which is very dangerous. In stomach ulcer fasting induce excessive gastric juice secretion which eats deep into the stomach wall causing excruciating pain and opening which leads to internal bleeding. DAPROF Ulcer-plex liquid and powder help to heal the sore while the liquid control the brain (hypothalamus) gastric juice secretion.

Rhesus Factor is an antigen that exists on the surface of red blood cells in most people (about 85% of humans). It is also referred to as Rh Factor. People who have the Rh have “positive” (+) blood types, such as A+, O+ or B+ are said to be rhesus Factor positive, while those who have the Rh “negative” (-) blood types, such as A–, O– or AB– are said to be rhesus factor negative . The “+” and “-” in front of the blood group is the Rhesus factor. Generally, we have A+, A–, B+, B–, AB+, AB–, O+ and O–. Rhesus factor is genetic in nature. It is inherited from the parents, emphatically the father.
How does Rhesus Factor cause miscarriage?
If a Rh– woman is impregnated by a man with Rh–, there wouldn’t be any problem. However, if a Rh– woman is impregnated by a man with Rh+, there would be a problem if the baby inherits Rh+ from the father . We have here what is medically called Rhesus Factor Incompatibility. The baby would obviously be Rh+. During child birth, once the baby’s Rh+ comes in contact with the woman Rh- during delivery, the antibodies are immediately activated by the woman’s body’s immune system.
The activated antibodies would see the new Rh+ as foreign body or a threat and consequently they would be at alert to attack and get rid of the foreign body. Unfortunately as such, after this particular child birth, the woman would keep having miscarriages because the activated antibodies would see subsequent Rh+ pregnancies as foreign bodies and would keep fighting and taking them off.
Women with Rh activated antibodies are said to be Rh sensitized and once these antibodies are activated , they can never be deactivated until the woman dies. Rh induced antibodies are activated in a Rh- woman by child birth, abortion, miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy.
If a Rh– woman commits an abortion for a Rh+ man and the antibodies are activated in her system, the woman might end up childless throughout her life except if she later marries another man with with the same Rh–. The possibility of a Rh– woman finding a Rh– man is slim as about 85% of human beings are Rh+. This is a warning to our young girls who commits abortions all in the name of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships.
If you’re a woman with Rh– and your fiance is Rh+, and you haven’t committed abortion for him and you don’t want to leave him, then, you need to take note of the following:
In order to prevent the activation of the antibodies, doctors would give women in this category an injection called Rhogam during and after pregnancy to prevent spontaneous abortion due to Rhesus factor incompatibility. The injection is normally administered 28 weeks into pregnancy, 72 hours after delivery, after ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage or abortion. If the injection is not administered and the antibodies are activated, they would never be deactivated again!
In many African cultures up till today, women who are so unfortunate to find themselves having serial spontaneous abortions due to Rhesus factor incompatibility are considered witches by some of their people. Some of the women would accuse their in-laws of being behind their predicament.
So, if you’re a woman with Rh– , you need to be very careful. It might be difficult for you to get a husband with a Rh– because about 85% of human beings are Rh+. So, in order not to find yourself in the aforementioned problem, put all that have been said at the back of your mind and go for genetic counselling. If you have a daughter or a sister with Rh–, counsel them on Rhesus Factor Incompatibility and the dangers lying therein.
It should also be noted that a Rh– person (man or woman) cannot receive blood donation from a Rh+ person even if they have the same blood group. The consequence of such blood transfusion is fatal. It would lead to death as the blood would clot. This is due to the incompatibility in their Rhesus factor.
# Know your Rhesus factor today before getting married!

Before you see the ophthalmologist for your eye pains without itching or swelling or redness:
😎: Avoid high lights from laptops, PCs, and mobile phones by wearing of dark spectacles during working with such gadgets.
😎🌞: Wear dark spectacles during the day when the sun is shinning.
🚶🏾📺Be far away from the TV sets or if possible don’t watch TV sets.
🌑: Sleep in a dark room.
🍎🍉🍆🍓: Eat carotene containing fruits and vegetables like, carrots, ripened mango and pawpaw,
💧💦🌲🌳🌴: Looking at the blue seas, green trees/forest also help to relieve eye pains.
Finally, wash your eyes every morning with sea/salt water and let it dry from your face before using normal water to rinse for 7days.

What to do to keep kidney safe from failing:
1. Avoiding high blood pressure above 140/90mmHg by taking your antihypertensive drugs regularly and or changing your doctor if he or she couldn’t bring the blood pressure to normal. It is your Right! NB. High blood pressure is the main cause of irreversible kidney failure (because it is intrinsic and occurs over long duration and compromise of kidney.)
2. Avoiding high: Refined sugar products and polished rice intake; Fatty foods intake; Soft and alcoholic drinks intake; and Painkillers intake eg paracetamol, diclofenac, naklofen etc;
2. Avoiding excessive meat intake;
3.Stop drinking of unclean water especially from galamsey mining area.
4. Poly-pharmacy ie taking of more than two prescription chemical drugs from your doctor without review of drugs.
5. Avoid voracious eating of flour products, eg bread, boflot, cake, just to mention but a few.
NB: The above are extrinsic factors which can be corrected when detected and avoided.

What I must do to maintain safe kidney:
1. Frequent drinking of clean water to avoid dehydration and urinating well as you drink water. Never hold urine for long.
2.Regular medical check-up to reverse any damage quickly.
3.Report any adverse drug effects to your practicing doctor.
4. Urinary tract and kidney infections must be reported to hospitals for urine culture and sensitivity in order to get proper treatment. They should never be sent to drug stores/pharmacy shops.
Herbal medicine can also give kidney failure, but if it does it is reversible when detected and stopped.
5. Always buy herbs/herbal medicine from people you can trace back or report to in case of any reactions.
6. Always buy herbal medicine/herbs when the ingredients are known especially by the indigenous people or you.
Finally, every hospital/herbal clinic/shop must have post-market surveillance and safety monitoring unit for pharmaco-vigilance.

We have all noticed recently that the heat of the day and the night was unbearably high. According to experts, this is due to the heat waves resulting from the emission of greenhouse gases. The Meteorological Agency warns us to prepare for warmer days and nights. This preparation will require smart coping strategies and participation in climate resilient practices to deal with the damage.
The common effects of heat waves on humans are dehydration that can lead to unconsciousness or death, chicken pox, heat rash, and psychological stress.
In order to cope with the current climatic conditions, the experts advised:

1. Drink more water to stay hydrated.
2. Keep a bottle of water with us to remind us to take water.
3. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages during this time.
4. Reduce the consumption of protein-rich foods (eg red meats) as they increase metabolic heat.
5. Feed on fresh fruits and vegetables that are better options.
6. Monitor our blood pressure to make sure we are in the normal range.
7. Stay indoors (in our house or office) between 12pm and 3pm each day as much as possible.
8. Take baths of cold water before going to bed at night.

Let us strive to conform to it because our life depends on it.
Let’s be nice to share information with all our acquaintances.

28th july world Hepatitis B day

As the world marks hepatitis B day on Saturday, 28/7/19. It is imperative we know our status and everything about hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis is different from Hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) is caused by abuse of drugs especially painkillers, fatty liver, alcohol and water containing mercury, lead, and arsenic compounds from galamsey areas but it is NOT INFECTIOUS, while Hepatitis B is a viral infection caused ONLY by hepatitis B virus and it is transferable through body fluids when it reaches a specific stage (this explains the reason why married couples can live together and one may be having and the other may not have). Mother to child transmission can be avoided by preparing for hyper-immunoglobulin injection 24-48hrs for the newborn baby after delivery. Vaccination is a sure way to protect against it especially in health workers and sexually active people. But the vaccine in rare and uncommon way has made people to get the disease. (I have evidence to support such statement). This is because the vaccine is a live attenuated virus which is kept under strict conditions called cold-chain system to maintain its potency. But when the cold-chain system is altered the virus can become an infection rather than vaccination. Secondly, due to individual idiosyncrasies. But should we say because of the above reasons we should not take the vaccine when we may need it badly? In any case assess your need for it. Knowledge is power and “wisdom is the principal thing therefore get wisdom and in all thy getting get understanding”. Prov. 4:7.










Taking Bendro for High Blood PressureTablet Bendroflumethiazide, known as ‘Bendro’ for short. It is good for stubborn high blood pressure, but continues use is linked with hyperuricaemia, ie, high uric acid in the blood due to excessive urination. This may give you joint and or waist pain. You DON’T need to stop the medicine but just increase water intake to control the blood uric acid.
      Calcium SupplementCalcium supplements are very important for men above 50yrs especially women in their menopause or entering their menopause. This is because during that time their blood oestrogens are low which depletes calcium from the bone giving rise to the severe joint or waist pain experienced by them. In extreme cases it leads to bone fracture in more elderly men than women.

This natural calcium is very rich in fish/animal bones, milk and crabs. People with high blood pressure/cholesterol and gout should go for Moringa and sesame seeds which are also very rich in calcium. DAPROF Health Drink is made of Moringa seeds, honey and ginger which also contain calcium, potassium, zinc, iron analyzed by SGS laboratory and Ghana Standard Authority (GSA).

Mental StressMental stress create potassium overuse leading to retention of sodium which cause hardening of the arteries and veins. The result may be high blood pressure and its cardiovascular risks. Prevent the above disaster by
1. Resting in a green/forest environment, or blue/seaside. The natural green and blue bring a rejuvenation to the cells.
2.Taking more water to dilute the excess sodium in the tissue.
3.Taking  fruits and vegetables high in potassium eg water melon juice, banana, apple juice etc. But these may not be appropriate for diabetic, instead they may go for tomato juice and Moringa seeds which have aspartame, a sugar which does not increase blood sugar.
  Anchovies (Keta-School-Boys)Anchovies commonly known as “Ketaschool boys” or Aborbi in Ewe is one of the most nutritious fish in the sea due to its direct links with the food chain. But it is also high in uric acid which may not be good for those with arthritis, gout and elderly people with joint pains. Excessive consumption may make your antigout medicine, Allopurinol, or painkiller not to work. Other things that worsen the above conditions are watermelon SEEDS because it contains oxalic acid, beer, red meats, excessive alcohol consumption, some antihypertensive drugs eg ‘Bendro’. You don’t need to stop the blood pressure drugs just take excessive water as often as you urinate to reduce the effect.
  High Blood Pressure and Kidney FailurePersistently High blood pressure of 200/150mmHg and above is the main cause of kidney failure, hemorrhagic (bleeding in the brain) stroke and heart failure. Please don’t take this for granted because many people are dying as a result of these. DAPROF understand these and make sure your blood pressure come to normal before we leave you. That’s why in world kidney day blood pressure is checked. Regular checking of blood pressure monthly and taking of your antihypertensive drugs seriously can help. Foods that can help prevent complications of hypertension and reduce high blood pressure are lemon because it contains both antioxidants and substance P which can help strengthen the walls of the artery against bursting (rupture) in case of persistent high blood pressure. You may drink lemon juice diluted in warm water in a proportion of 1 part of lemon juice to 3 parts  of water. These may be done 3times a week since daily doing may gradually cause teeth freezing. Ulcer patients should not try these but rather should go for Peanuts (Arachis hypogaea).